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橋本 愛


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The infinite patience of dogs.


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My homage to Bruno Dayan. Model- Courtney Bennett. Makeup- Leigh Ann Ehmann.

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So you guys had a fairly wide range of guesses on how I lit this photo. Some were rather complicated. One person postulated that I faked the reflection and background color in Photoshop. Others had me using more than three lights. The truth is that I used one speedlite with no modifier. I had the light about three feet away from the product, and three feet above it, aimed at a 45 degree angle into a white ceiling, five feet above the product. The product was on a sheet of 1/4” glass, with a piece of red cardboard behind it. The board was extended to 2 feet above and 2 feet below the glass surface. The bounced light shifted the color of the red board to a pinkish hue. 

The closest guess was Carlos Matos: “ Here’s my take: Single diffused light (thinking softbox for the wraparound) above shoes at a 45-degree angle facing the background to create the light-dark gradient effect. Reflector under camera for fill and some bounce off plexi.”

For this diagram and others like it, check out my new ebook, Run and Gun Lighting Resource: One-Light Solutions for Commercial and Portrait Photographers.

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